CasinoFair will be first casino fully operating with the FUN token, and therefore, making use of the proprietary blockchain technology that sits at the heart of FunFair’s fundamentals.

The list of countries where the casino will go live include    Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Finland     and     Costa Rica (some pretty big jurisdictions here).

It’s interesting to note that in order to be eligible to play in this casino, players will be required to sign up for a    FunPass. According to FunFair’s blog post:

” This one-time registration will give users a lifetime of seamless casino gaming across any FunFair-powered casino, without the need to ‘sign in’ every time they visit.”

It’s quite implicit then, that this will be the first of many to come. The announcement is thought to have been the main driver of the    10%    increase in FUN’s price.

Advantages of using FunFair’s token

The main strengths behind the usage of the FUN token are the added reliability of game’s fairness, as well as big improvements in transactions speeds. These include payouts, deposits and inner game mechanics. We will get to see how much of an impact this really makes when the platform is fully functional, although no specific date has yet been disclosed for the official launch.