Founded: 2016
Country: Lithuania
License: Curacao


Currencies: EDG
Min. & Max. bet: 0.01 & 100
Games: Dice, Blackjack, Baccarat
Blockchain based: Yes


✓ 1st blockchain casino
✓ Upcoming blockchain sportsbook
✓ 0% house edge
✓ Ethereum ‘smart-contract’ based

Edgeless – Online Blockchain Casino Review

Lithuanian decentralized casino was the first online casino to work within the Ethereum’s blockchain. In doing so they are able to bring the full potential of smart contracts to the gambling industry. Blockchain technology is set to revolutionize the online gambling industry by solving some of its most significant issues. Their native token EDG is an ERC-20 token. The company started operating in early 2018 under a Curacao Gambling License and accepts players from every country except some few, most notably the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Singapore and Turkey. The most standout feature of the Edgeless casino is the fact that they challenge the notion that “the house always has an edge”. By using blockchain technology the games can be won purely by skill and/or luck. Hence the name Edgeless.


Online Casino

To sign up at Edgeless all you need is a valid e-mail and a password of your choice. They have a very fast interface with eye pleasing graphics that make the gambling industry seamless. They do not yet offer a mobile app however the website is quite well optimized for mobile use. Edgeless currently offer their customers two games. The Dice and Blackjack are timeless casino games that most gambling enthusiasts are well acquainted with. With the blockchain technology the players will now be able to play these games knowing that there is no shady algorithm that puts them at a disadvantage. Within each game there is an active chat window where players can talk and help one another.



Dice is a highly intuitive game to play. Players that are not well acquainted should be able to pick up the mechanics after just a few minutes with it. The RNG – Random Number Generator – operates in less than a second making it one of if not the fastest smart-contract driven Dice game in the market. The RNG is responsible for creating a random number that will define whether the player has won or lost the game. Edgeless claims that it reunites all the conditions that allow for its Dice game to be entirely functional in the blockchain gambling industry such as: low cost per game, removed cheating factor through decentralization, fast RNG, capable of working with multiple people simultaneously. In our experience they have achieved this superbly. During our three to four hours with the game the experience was always fast and pleasing with no hiccups. It is still unclear at this point how the platform will hold up when more players start joining but so far it shows no problem whatsoever related to this. The game comes with two main options: Manual Betting and Automated Betting. They are pretty self-explanatory. With the automated options you simply select the parameters and click “Start Automated Betting”. The game then keeps playing until the user says otherwise. Alternatively with Manuel Betting players have to manually play each round.



Blackjack, also known as twenty-one is another fan favorite that has been cemented into gambling history. It is the most widely played casino banking game in the world. The mechanics are similar to every online blackjack game out there and there is not much more to be added here. The interface is well polished and the options within the game are easy to understand. Once more, the game fairness in unquestioned and you can go back to check the information of each of the games played by yourself or any other player. You can also keep a record of the games you have played and all the information associated to it like time, bet amount, payout and profit.


Deposits & Withdrawal

All bets within the Edgeless platform are done with the EDG token. In order to purchase EDG tokens you must first own some Bitcoin or Ethereum. Currently the market with higher liquidity on EDG tokens is HitBTC. Once you have your EDG tokens and your account is verified you can make a deposit on the Edgeless platform and start playing. UPDATE: Edgeless now offers the chance to make deposits using other cryptocurrencies or even national currencies (min. 50€) The minimum and maximum betting amount is 0.01 and 100 EDG for Dice and 0.2 and 100 EDG for Blackjack respectively. Both deposit and withdrawal processes can be done quickly. The minimum withdwatal amount is 2 EDG. In our experience the withdrawal and conversion to fiat was done within minutes.


Customer service

All our doubts throughout our review were quickly answered through the chat option. So far there seems to be no problem with Edgeless Customer Service. E-mail support is also available.



The online gambling industry is ripe for disruption with blockhain technologies. Edgeless is pioneering this disruption by being one of the first to offer good service in its platform using its very own cryptocurrency token. The possibility of gambling in a platform that is fully transparent and offers much lower fees is a prospect that excites every casino enthusiast in the world. Additionally the withdrawal process can be accomplished way faster using cryptocurrencies which is also a big plus for players. There is still a lot to be explored and this is still an early phase for this and every other blockchain casino project however things are looking pretty good. Edgeless claims it will be launching 10 more games in 2018 including Poker and Sportsbetting. UPDATE: They have launched Baccarat, but we are still waiting on further news about other games and sportsbetting. Our experience so far with Edgeless has been great and it is a strong recommendation for players looking to get started with blockchain casinos.