As we’re all familiar with by now, FunFair is a leading player in the blockchain gambling community. It acts primarily as a    business-to-business     (B2B) casino platform provider. Their proprietary technology is called Fate Channels, which we have previously covered, and it opens up a whole world of possibilities by creating an environment with fun, fast and fair gaming experience.

FunFair casino and Curaçao license

In a recent company update they officially announced that they have been granted a Curaçao license. In case you don’t follow our reviews    on cryptocurrency casinos and other blockchain-based gambling platforms, this is a crucial aspect in their journey as most of them operate with a Curaçao license.

The first company to capitalize on this is RakeTheRake, a London based poker rakeback operator (a term most poker enthusiasts are surely acquainted with).


To our knowledge, this is the first time FunFair’s B2B blockchain casino platform providing service is used. The brand name and launch date of this casino haven’t been disclosed yet, but it should happen rather soon (this month).

United Kingdom license and Dublin expansion

Due to increasing regulatory pressure in the United Kingdom and following legal advice from the UKGC – United Kingdom Gambling Commission – FunFair has decided to withdraw their former application for a Remote Gambling Software Operating license in the United Kingdom.

Although this isn’t great news, if we had to balance things with the Curaçao licensing news we’d confidently say that things are definitely on the positive side for FunFair.

Other positive news include the company’s expansion to Ireland. More specifically, their new office will be located in Dublin’s Grand Canal Docks area, a renown tech hub where they will be neighbored by companies like Facebook, Google, Accenture, AirBnb and more. It’s no wonder this area is often referred to as the “Silicon Docks”.

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