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Welcome to Casinos Blockchain, where passion for crypto and gaming converge! We are a dedicated team of enthusiasts who eat, sleep, and breathe the dynamic world of crypto casinos. Our mission is to be your go-to source for unbiased and comprehensive reviews of the latest and greatest in the cryptocurrency gambling scene.

Our Expert Team

picture of Alessia Pesavento

Alessia Pesavento

A digital native and an early enthusiast of blockchain technology, Alessia has collaborated with leading crypto casino platforms, ensuring accurate data on guides, articles, and reviews. She’s responsible for verifying the information and research that backs up our content – so that you can make informed decisions with your crypto.
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Fern Bamber

Fern is a seasoned writer in the crypto casino world. With expertise in blockchain and writing, she produces well-researched content covering industry trends and casino reviews. Beyond tech, Fern offers user insights and regularly connects with iGaming experts. Plus, she’s an avid video game enthusiast.
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Our Business Model

Being passionate about safe gambling and reviewing casinos doesn’t pay the bills. We have to support our business somehow! Cue our business model: affiliate marketing. Some of our pages contain links provided by the casinos we’ve reviewed. If you decide to click on the link to sign up at the casino and make a deposit, we gain a small commission.

Even so, remember that:

  • We never accept money to write positive reviews.
  • All of our reviews are the result of anonymous tests with our own funds.
  • We also test and review casinos we are not affiliated with.
  • The affiliate model is the only way we can run things and keep it real without any bias.

So that’s how we make a living here at Casinos Blockchain. Transparency is our modus operandi, so feel free to ask us any questions about how we do things.