TrueFlip Review


  • Website:
  • Founded: 2017
  • Country: Costa Rica
  • License: Curacao


  • Currencies:+50 Cryptocurrencies, USD, EUR
  • Minimum & Maximum bet: 0.0000002 & ??
  • Games: Lottery
  • Blockchain based: Yes


  • ✓ 1st Blockchain lottery
  • ✓ Great interface
  • ✓ +50 cryptocurrencies accepted
  • ✓ Wide variety of games



True Flip is a lottery powered by Ethereum’s blockchain technology. It takes advantage of Ethereum’s smart contracts, offering players a unique experience with lottery games. Because of this, users can expect full transparency (open-source code), instant deposits and payouts and a fair draw process. True Flip has its own token, TFL which completed a successful crowdsale on July 2017.

True Flip is entirely decentralized. They do not operate under any company or government control. They offer support for a wide range of cryptocurrencies and even fiat money, through impressive partnerships with well-known broker IQOption and Shapeshift. True Flip is available in all jurisdictions where its operation doesn’t contradict with the local regulation.


Online Casino

Getting started on True Flip’s platform is incredibly quick. All you need to do is provide is an e-mail address, create your password and you’re ready to play. Theres is no KYC (Know Your Client) regulation in place making the whole process anonymous. No other additional verification is needed.

The visual presentation of the website is very well done. Everything is presented intuitively and the user should have no problem navigating through the platform and finding what they want. True Flip’s Steemit page is filled with information regarding all their policies related to transparency and other relevant issues.

True Flip currently offers their players four games, each with its own unique features but all being lottery based. We will go into more detail about the games in the next section. All the algorithms of their games are publicly available on True Flip’s GitHub page.


Flip’s star

Flip’s Star was their first game and is still the most played lottery on the platform. The jackpot at the time of writing is 400 BTC (not bad at all). The rules are simple and easy to understand, specially if you’re familiar with Power Ball in America or Euro Millions in Europe.

The player has to pick 5 numbers from 1 to 49 and one number from 1 to 26. In comparison to Power Ball the amount of numbers is significantly reduced. This gives Flip’s Star players 1.3 more chances to win! The ticket price is fixed at 0.0004 BTC. Draws occur daily at 20:00 GMT.

Rapid to the Moon

As suggested by its name, Rapid to the Moon is a more fast paced alternative. The superprize value is not fixed but rather decided based on the accumulated amount. In an event when nobody could guess the combination in the current draw, the accumulated fund will be used for the next draw. Firstly players choose 8 numbers between 1-20. Then in the second phase they choose at least one other number between 1 and 4, with the additional option of choosing a second number to increase chances of winning (for an additional fee). The ticket price is 0.0002 BTC.

This game offers players the chance to use a prize multiplier to increase the amount of winnings. Players then wait for a run that happens each 10-30 minutes. Winnings are fixed (except the Jackpot a.k.a. when a player guesses all numbers). If you used an expanded bet (when a player chooses more than one number in the second phase) the earning will also increase.

Chain’s code

Chain’s Code is a nearly instant numerical game entirely based the blockchain network. It’s very similar to slot machine games. You can win up to 5 BTC with a 0.00002 BTC bet. The better your number combination is the better the price you can get. You can use a multiplier to increase your earnings which are distributed according to the following table:


Pirate Bay

True Flip’s latest installment is an incredibly fun game to play. Ticket price is 0.00002 BTC and you can win up to 1 BTC.

Rules are simple. You have 5 rows stacked on top of each other, each one with 3 boxes. The player chooses one box per row, and the options are:

  • Gold Coin – gets you up to the next line
  • Anchor – ends the game without losing the initial bet amount
  • Black Mark – ends the game


If you are able to make your way to the top row the prize is yours.


Deposits & Withdrawal

As previously mentioned True Flip offers support to more than 50 cryptocurrencies. IQOption, Cubits, Cryptopay and Paybis customers will be able to top-up their balance with their associated account from the broker. Through Shapeshift users can directly convert their coins to others which can be deposited on True Flip (BTC, ETH, BCH, DASH, DOGE, LTC).

Fund deposit/withdrawal is instant and secured by 2FA and e-mail verification. All related transactions appear on the blockchain, so they are easy to check. 60% of the ticket sale earnings are allocated to the Prize fund. They have also developed Flipcoin, an exclusive in-game reward system. Flipcoins will be awarded for exchanges using cryptos, TFL tokens, and for supporting our products.

Customer service

Customer support is good overall. Each game has a detailed “How to Play” section that diligently explains the rules of each game. FAQ’s are available and any other questions that customers may have can be addressed via mail. Chat support is not available.


True Flip is a very solid platform that offers customers blockchain based lottery games. Increased transparency and fairness, as well as instant deposits and payouts are the main advantages that come with using this revolutionary technology. Fans of the industry will undoubtedly rejoice. Everything works very well in the website, which is also adapted for mobile use. The games offered are fun to play and the variety among them will surely captivate most users. They are still introducing more features to their platform so stay tuned for any news that will be posted on


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