Updated: January 3, 2023

Top 9 Dogecoin Blackjack Sites | Play Blackjack With Doge

Let’s face it: finding good DOGE casinos can be tough. If you’re looking for something even more specific – like, say, a thorough list of websites where you can play blackjack with Doge – you’re probably going to struggle even more!

Luckily, Dogecoin and online blackjack happen to be two of our favorite things.

We’ve gone through the hassle of playtesting all the Dogecoin casinos with blackjack games we could find, so you don’t have to. Read on to learn:

  • What are the top Dogecoin casinos that offer blackjack?
  • Who offers the best deposits and promotions to players?
  • Are there any provably fair blackjack games (and where to find them)?
  • … and so much more!

Looking for a quick reference of the top Dogecoin blackjack destinations?

If you’re strapped for time, we understand. That’s why we’re giving you our top picks right away:

Are you curious to know why these are our recommendations? Read on to find out…

Our Criteria

Before you ask, no, Elon Musk did not write this Dogecoin blackjack guide. But, if Elon played blackjack, we’re pretty sure he’d do it at one of our favorite casinos. How come we’re so confident? We have super strict critera!

Here’s how we picked the top DOGE blackjack providers:

  1. We created an account on each website.
    We did so anonymously, without identifying ourselves as reviewers.

    This way, we make sure that our experience isn’t different from any other real players out there.
  2. We made Dogecoin deposits.
    One of our top priorities when reviewing a website is checking how easy it is to deposit money.

    Obviously, we also looked into any deposit bonuses that could allow you to play blackjack with a Dogecoin bonus! Our main concerns here were the value-for-money and the fairness of the promotions.
  3. We playtested all blackjack games.
    When assessing Dogecoin blackjack sites, we focussed on what types of games you can play with Doge.

    We looked into live blackjack, video blackjack, and provably fair blackjack games, meticulously playtesting each one. That was the most fun part of the review!
  4. We made Dogecoin withdrawals.
    Withdrawals are a pain point of many Dogecoin casino players, regardless of what game they choose to play.

    A few Dogecoin blackjack casinos we tested had stricter bonus requirements and customer verification checks that slowed down our process. You can check our blockchain casino reviews for more information on each brand’s pros and cons.

And there you have it – our step-by-step process for finding the best casinos for you. As avid players ourselves, we want to give you the most up-to-date, comprehensive reviews. We also make sure to stay anonymous as we do it – we don’t want the casinos to treat us differently because we’re reviewers.

Of course, every review is subjective by design. We try to minimize this by testing different games, having different members of our team play, and playing on different days, too. You know the struggle of a losing streak and how it can sour your experience, right?

Even so, keep in mind that reviews are never 100% objective – that’s why we recommend testing the casinos for yourself to find your favorite option.

Disclaimer: While we do not get paid to write reviews, we get compensated when a user, like you, clicks on a link on this website.

Best Dogecoin Blackjack Sites Per Category

Blackjack games come in so many shapes and sizes. From virtual tables where you get to hone your skills (and enjoy super-low house edges) to live games from your favorite providers like Evolution, blackjack fun never stops.

To make it easier for you, we’ve picked the best Dogecoin blackjack sites in different categories:

Best Dogecoin Blackjack? BC.Game
Best Provably Fair Blackjack#️⃣ Stake Casino
Best Dogecoin Bonus☁️ Cloudbet
Fastest Withdrawals? Rocketpot
Best Live BlackjackTrue Flip
Best Dogecoin Blackjack Dapp? BetFury

Let’s break down our favorites:

BC.Game banner

BC.Game casino is our current favorite blackjack destination – and for good reason. Here’s why it ranked as the best overall casino for DOGE and blackjack lovers:

? 99+ blackjack games, including provably fair blackjack and live tables

? Easy DOGE deposits and fuss-free withdrawals

? No withdrawal fee or invasive KYC (you might still be asked to prove your identity)

If you’re looking for an exciting, high-RTP blackjack game, we recommend starting with Black Russian Blackjack, which has an impossible-to-beat RTP of 99.67%!

Stake Casino's Play Smarter Logo

Not only is Stake one of our favorite DOGE blackjack destinations – it’s also one of our favorite casinos overall. Curious to know why? You can read our Stake casino review for more information on that.

But, let’s talk about Stake’s blackjack with Dogecoin:

? Stake’s original blackjack game is provably fair and boasts a very low house edge.

With a tiny house edge of 0.57% only, it’s some of the best value for money you can get at any blockchain casino. Plus, we love how straightforward they are with provable fairness.

As a provably fair game, this game literally cannot be rigged. To check fairness:

  • Go to the Stake Originals section and select Blackjack. Play and have fun!
  • Scroll down and look at the right-hand corner where you’ll see the Fairness button.
  • You’ll see your client and server seed there. You can verify every turn.
  • You can also rotate the seed pair and pick your own client seed (you can even type up your lucky phrase).

To learn more about provable fairness, check out our dedicated article on provably fair games.

Cloudbet Logo

Our top DOGE bonus comes from Cloudbet. Unlike BC.Game and Stake, which like traditional deposit bonuses, Cloudbet will happily match your first deposit to help you make the most of your cash.

? You can get up to 40,000 DOGE as a welcome bonus at Cloudbet.

And you’ll definitely not be bored at Cloudbet, either. With a selection of thousands of games, including 40+ blackjack specials there’s plenty to keep you amused.

Note that if you’re into Bitcoin blackjack, you can get even more value for money at Cloudbet, gaining up to 5 BTC in bonuses.

Rocketpot Logo With Slogan

Rocketpot is a new blockchain casino that is already rustling some feathers out there.

? With 100+ blackjack games and Dogecoin payments, it’s a top choice for your Dogecoin blackjack shenanigans.

It stands out from the rest due to Rocketpot’s speedy and uncomplicated Dogecoin withdrawals.

Here’s a tip: withdraw small amounts of money. When withdrawing over 0.05 BTC (or Dogecoin equivalent), you may have to provide proof of ID.

Apart from that, our experience was overwhelmingly positive, with all withdrawals processed instantly.

If you value your privacy when playing online blackjack, Dogecoin casinos can be a great option.

But Dogecoin’s advantages for blackjack players aren’t all about privacy. It’s also a great coin if you’re looking to get started at cryptocurrency casinos:

  • Since DOGE is relatively cheap and easy to acquire, it’s a relatively low-risk entry option.
  • Casinos often have lower minimum wager values for Dogecoin players in comparison with other currencies.
  • Despite being a meme coin, it’s already well-established, and it’s accepted at many online casinos, including those listed on this page.

That being said, your options for DOGE blackjack are somewhat limited since it’s highly specific.

Plus, if your casino runs KYC checks, your privacy might be compromised (but respectable casinos never share that information).

If you’re interested in a more detailed list of Dogecoin pros and cons, as well as an intro to Dogecoin casinos in general, please check our Dogecoin gambling guide.

BC.Game Deposit DOGE screenshot
DOGE deposits are easy at BC.Game

Are you ready to start playing with DOGE? Here’s how to get started:

  • Buy some DOGE on your favorite exchange. You can even pick a casino with its own exchange – both BC.Game and Stake have one.
  • Choose a blackjack game – there are so many options out there, but we recommend starting with a simpler one first. Or, you can decide not to listen to us and enjoy the bells and whistles of a live table.
  • Learn the rules – before you play with real money, make sure you understand the rules of the game. We have detailed them in our blackjack guide.
  • Have fun (safely) – blackjack can be amazingly thrilling. To keep things fun and safe, though, make sure to gambler responsibly, set limits for yourself, and take breaks if a dreaded losing streak hits you.

And there you have it – you’re ready to start playing DOGE blackjack today!

Final Thoughts

Blackjack is one of the most fun and dynamic games available in online casinos. As DOGE popularity rises, more and more sites allow you to play blackjack with Dogecoin.

We’re happy to report that there are now highly reputable and provably fair casinos for DOGE and blackjack enthusiasts.

Need a refresher? Here are our favorite options: